How I Can Help

Are you feeling:

Stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or burnt out
Constantly exhausted – not sleeping or sleeping too much
Nervous about exams, public speaking, interviews
Lacking in self-confidence/poor self-esteem

Do you suffer from:

Panic attacks
Constantly checking and rechecking things
Nail biting or pulling your hair out

Would you like to:

Quit smoking
Cure your phobia such as fear of flying
Manage your chronic pain
Lose weight
Manage binge or comfort eating

You have tried everything and need more help with:

Skin conditions
Menopause symptoms

Did any of those describe your current situation?

With over 30 years’ experience in healthcare as a clinical practitioner, a senior human resources leader, coach and hypnotherapist, I know only too well the medical and personal impact of not dealing with ongoing personal challenges. If you are experiencing any of the above or feel that you are constantly worried, anxious or not sleeping properly, book your complimentary 30-minute telephone consultation so that you can put all this behind you and start living your life to its fullest.