I believe that we should all be able to live our lives fully; free from worry, anxious thoughts and sleep issues.

Ann Waters - Registered Nurse, NLP Master Practitioner, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Coach.

From my own personal experiences and seeing the transformation in my clients, I firmly believe that the sooner we address our anxieties and stresses, the sooner our health, quality of life and relationships will also improve. It’s hugely rewarding for me to see the progress and changes that can be made by simply taking a few small steps towards a more peaceful and enjoyable life.

What led me to launch Ann Waters Wellbeing?

I always wanted to be a Registered Nurse from a very young age and went on to have a long and successful career in international healthcare, working with a diverse range of colleagues and staff from over 60 countries.

During this career I reached Director level where I personally led initiatives in Occupational Health, Employee Wellness and Employee Retention that enhanced the mental health of employees.

Throughout this career, I developed a very special interest in anxiety and stress related problems having seen and experienced the impact that they play in our lives and indeed the consequences of not dealing with them effectively and in a timely manner.

This passion led me to achieve qualifications as an NLP Master Practitioner, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Coach and to become the founder of Ann Waters Wellbeing.