Do you find yourself wrestling with worry?
Are you constantly anxious?
Do you have trouble sleeping?
Or perhaps you suffer from nail biting, migraines or
panic attacks?

I'm Ann Waters

and no matter what you’re struggling with right now I am here to help guide you through the difficulty you’re currently experiencing. I approach my work with empathy, care and passion and truly understand what you’re going through. My clinical background and personal experiences influence my work and ensure that our journey together will have a positive impact on your life, sometimes in as little as five sessions.

Ann Waters
RN, BSc (Hons), MA, Dip SFH

Imagine this...

You wake up every morning feeling that you are coping better with your situation. You’re in the driver’s seat of your life feeling totally in control. You’re the healthiest version of yourself. How good would that feel for you? What more could you do with your life? How great would it be for your loved ones?  

When you work with me directly, you regain that control, you find your own natural force and you begin to live your life to its fullest  

From the minute I met Ann I believe she was genuinely interested in me as a person.  I still hold this view many months after completing my sessions with her. Another amazing thing about working with Ann was the feeling of wellbeing I got from our very first session.  I was impressed by her very simplistic explanations and with the new found understanding, I was able to truly commit to make positive changes for myself. I suffered with insomnia for months before I met her but I found myself sleeping better even after my very first meeting with her.   After a few short weeks, my sleeping was back to normal. I always left Ann’s office feeling calm, positive and peaceful and that I had a plan to work on over the coming week. Her welcoming and cheerful manner made me feel at ease from the first time I met her. I highly recommend Ann to anyone looking for help with insomnia

MJB, Surrey